About the Calls

Almost one hundred years ago a Book was written that was meant to change the world. It was the fulfilment of a biblical prophecy.

144,000 human spirits were destined to work on earth at the same time. They were responsible for the implementation of this new knowledge. Only a few hundred, however, recognised this task.

So it happened that the new knowledge about Creation remained unrecognised by mankind. The one sent from Highest Heights left the earth again. However, he left a part of his Knowledge in a Book.

It was a Message from the Grail.

Most of the 144,000 had to leave the earth again, since they were no longer able to fulfil their task in their earthly cloak of that time. Too much they were trapped in their lack of understanding. In the following decades, however, they were given the opportunity to incarnate again on earth, since they were bound to the knowledge.

Thus the Book of Truth automatically attracted them again, so that they had to come into contact with It at all costs. During this time the remaining ones formed some groups which, until today, try to spread this knowledge. They thus became magnets for those who came back. However very few know the truth and the secret that still rests in the past.

With the publication of the »Calls from the Primordial Creation« this secret is now being revealed. This process belongs to World events and is one of the last effects before the Final Judgement.

These »Calls from the Primordial Creation« explain in short but clear texts the interdependencies of the past, present and future. Knowledge about the connections of all the Laws of Creation facilitates the understanding of these texts. Understanding, however, in this case means a comprehension in the subconscious - that is, the intuition - which is not shaped by the day-consciousness of the intellect. It can only serve here as a subordinate aid.

The Book »IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH«, The Grail Message, helps to such an understanding. The Grail Message, in short also Message, is a Work that stands independently. It should not be associated with those sectarian groups who wish to adopt Its contents and doctrine as their own. The »Calls from the Primordial Creation« also point to this in clear language and give direction as to how this Original Work is to be received by the individual human being.

Only he who remains free and independent of earthly associations in spiritual matters and does not direct his gaze to these, can perceive higher events; perceive up to the knowledge of concepts which must always remain closed to the intellect.

Since the author has taken up the meaning because the words have flowed to him, the indication of the author's name is waived. Therefore, please refrain from further inquiries about the origin of these writings.

In this regard the author writes:

"From time to time, I experience a great surge of power flowing through me, which brings me a deep sense of peace but also moves me to write all this down; then the words flow to me. These are fulfilling moments, and I sense that this was woven into my carpet of destiny from the beginning.

Who I am as a human on Earth is not important, and this name is not to go down in history; it must be forgotten as soon as this body turns to dust one day."


The date at the end of the respective writings is the publication date of the communications which were received a long time beforehand.