In 2024, the book A Glimpse into another World and the Failure of Mankind has been comprehensively revised and expanded by about 80 pages.

The aim of the book is to address human beings whose spirits are seeking the truth, but who have not yet found the path to the Message due to their currently strongly dominating intellect, and who therefore bear an inner blockade to recognising the truth.

This book therefore serves on the one hand as a bridge to the Grail Message, but it will also be very helpful to all those who know the Message and the Calls, for its kind of language reconnects the spirit with the intellect and thus helps to purify the intellect in a natural way and to place it under the control of the spirit, as intended by the Light.

Among other things, this Work logically deciphers and decodes historical events and highly current developments, and at the same time considers them from a higher spiritual viewpoint, so that ultimately – unnoticed by the intellect – a full grasp of the overarching, overriding connections takes place through the spirit.

The Work is now available as an ebook, and a printed hardcopy is expected from Easter 2024.

Signed Simon